USP Of Our Cleaning Service
For All Type of Flooring

  • Help you make the best first impression
  • Maximize the lifespan of your flooring
  • Saves you both time and effort on cleaning
  • Relieves stress on knowing your flooring protection
  • Deep cleaning without causing damage to your floors

A Leading Cleaning Company For All Types of Flooring in Bakersfield, CA

Cleaning or restoring the materials in your house is a great way to enhance the overall value and standard of living. Whether you are renovating or updating your property, Tuff Carpet Cleaning is your ultimate destination for cleaning all types of flooring in Bakersfield, CA. With over 35 years of experience in the cleaning industry, we ensure to provide quality cleaning result plus satisfactory customer service.

Deep Cleaning For Different Types of Floors

● Laminate - Despite adding timeless beauty to your home, laminate flooring also becomes dull and lost its shine. Fortunately, Tuff Carpet Cleaning provides thorough cleaning services, restoring laminate floors to their original beauty.

● Vinyl - Over time, dust and other pollutants can build up on your tile and vinyl floors. Here, hiring our floor cleaning service will help you eliminate all the contaminants, leaving your floor sparkling clean.

● Wood - Instead of moving dust and debris from the floor using a mop, allow us to eliminate the debris entirely. We deep clean your wood flooring using the industry-leading cleaning equipment.

● Concrete - Since concrete is porous, it stains easily. Hire our concrete floor cleaning services to eliminate all the stains and dust contaminants within time. We use green cleaning solutions to extend its lifespan.

Other than this, there are another floor types for which we provide cleaning services such as ceramic, natural, VCT and much more. All these types of flooring have different functionality and properties. Thus, their cleaning techniques are also different. Our team of cleaners helps you with all your cleaning requirements for the flooring of all types in a timely manner and within your budget.

Hire Licensed and Insured Floor Cleaners To Improve Your Property Value

The certified cleaners assure you to provide top-quality cleaning service at an affordable price. Our team of well-trained and skilled professionals is capable of cleaning all types of flooring in Bakersfield and nearby areas. They use advanced cleaning technology in floor cleaning and refinishing. Our specialized cleaning machine with power driven rotary brush and extraction technology will allow us to deep clean your flooring type.

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